Friday, November 10, 2006

Lonely as the sound of lying on the ground of an airplane going down

IMG_4515_1If there's one thing you can say about normal, it's that it is stable.

It's taken me almost a week to get back to this way. As late as last weekend I was feeling really good but as of this week my head feels like a waterlogged sponge, saturated with absolutely nothing and things just don't compute. At least it's nothing I'm not used to.

I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it's something to do with the gutters and the rain outside but there's a noise that I hear about every two to three seconds that sounds a lot like the your program just performed an illegal error sound. A cross between Windows and Macintosh.

Tomorrow I'll have something worthwhile to say. Until then, I sleep.

It's best to be asleep when you're not accomplishing anything meaningful awake. One time I woke up in the school cafeteria to the realization that I had been boring a hole through Yuting's left shoulder with my open eyes for about twenty minutes. "What the hell are you looking at?" someone asked and I honestly couldn't say.

I look at something and my eyes unfocus and suddenly I'm looking beyond it and only seeing a distant blur. I could spend hours sitting like that. I came across a blog the other day where they refered to it as the hundred-yard stare. Whatever it is, I've got it down to an art. I don't suppose that's a good thing.