Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm an exceedingly thrifty individual

IMG_4507_1I had two blankets when I was little. One was a green and white patchwork calico quilt named Nanny, which was a gift from an obscure relative from the US who I'm not entirely sure if I'm actually related to. I seem to remember absolutely adoring that blanket, before it went into long term storage a long, long time ago.

But at one point in time I was so attached to that blanket. My daycare had a policy where they would keep peoples' blankets overnight to wash them so that they could hand them out to kids for nap time every day. They tried to do this with me but no way in hell was I going to let the bastards get away with keeping my precious blanket so my parents got me one of those blankets that Ikea used to sell and left it there. Its name was something that I could pronounce easily, but the spelling I'm unsure of. Ohurssplenkkhid, maybe. I'll just call it the blue blanket.

The blue blanket has had a permanent place on my bed ever since. And before people go all tounge in cheek on me, it's not because I'm particularly attached to it. I sleep just fine without it, especially since it's a permanent resident of my parents' house and I don't exactly live there anymore.

The reason why I still have it is more a matter of utility than anything. After 18 or so years of constant use, it still retains the majority of its properties as a blanket.

I have more than a bit of a Depression mentality, which has come from living in a situation where there wasn't enough money for new things. So, even though I could buy a lot of new things, if I can make the old things last a little longer, chances are I'll do it. Some people would call it stingy, but I think it's common sense.

I'd been meaning to do myself it for a long time, but I guess my mom heard me mention it. She took the blue blanket and ran it through the sewing machine to stop it from fraying around the edges so much. Now it looks like I'll be able to get an extra five years out of it, easily.

Sometimes I worry about myself.