Monday, November 27, 2006


IMG_4714_1Living right at sea level in a city that rarely if ever gets snow I'm not all that used to looking outside my windown and seeing ten centimetres of white. It only takes about four to shut Vancouver down and turn driving into bumpercars.

All the more reason to not go outside.

I went upstairs into my loft and it was freezing cold. Something about having twelve windows in such a small space. Whatever it was, it was sucking all the heat up and out of my apartment so I had to fold up the ladder and close the door.

Unfortunately for me, it was no ordinary ladder because I have high ceilings, which meant that folding up the ladder is a bit of a traumatic experience for someone as short as I am. The bottom two sections only stay together when they are folded on top of the top section, but unfortunately for me, I lack the height to reach that high.

So instead, I have to tiptoe on a footstool placed directly under the ladder, where I'm in perfect position to have the whole contraption fall down and smack me in the collarbone when I fail the first time to push it all the way up. Some days I wish the world didn't make me feel so disabled.

I have friends that still want to live up there and I think they're crazy. Cold in the winter and and in the summer that's the place where all the dust and bugs go to die. Not to mention, I can't get my vacuum cleaner up the ladder so the carpet up there hasn't been cleaned since the building was built.

Listening to the radio now. Private schools are all closed but that's no surprise. Something about the combination of outrageously expensive tuition and organized religion that turns people into pussies that faint at even the hint of snow. Not like us public school kids.

The role call of schools on the radio reads like a list of possibilities. Stenberg? Um no. UBC? Sure, if I do well on the lsat. Trinity Western? You know you have to sign a contract stating that you won't drink, swear or engage in premarital sex to get into that school? Emily Carr? Don't mind if I do.

But fortunately for me, my school is on top of a mountain, a cold and icy mountain and the computer servers there are down so no paper from Hell due for me!

Stats assignment is still due though.
  Math transcends both language and weather.