Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In which Erin falls asleep in the front row of two separate classes lectured by the exact same person

IMG_4728_1Things can't be going well when all of a sudden I hear "I'd better wrap this class up before Erin falls asleep," and all I can do is mutter some half coherent apologies.

My ta's pretty forgiving though. He's a long-distance runner who uses unconventional teaching methods and is one of those kinds of parents who makes it quite obvious that he derives a genuine joy from his kids. It is people like him that make me regret having rated other ta's as excellent on the end of course evaluation forms in the past, because in hindsight he's one of the few I've ever had who really deserves it. It is people like him who make me dread next semester when SFU has forced me into 80% correspondence courses. Having classes at school forces me to do good things like meet interesting people and be social. Absence of school and/or work turns me nocturnal.

I handed in the huge paper-in-lieu-of-a-final-exam today, which ended up being an inch thick with apendices, which would be two and a half centimetres if you're metrically inclined. I am, but growing up with the outdated model of parents, I tend to switch between the two arbitrarily.

It helps though, because then when you're in Ikea with your family and your sister really badly wants a Billy bookcase of her own, you can discourage your father from picking up the model that's 40cm wide using language that he understands, ie. (with elaborate hand gestures) that's like less than a foot and a half.

I got this shirt in the mail today and I'm resisting the urge to squeal. I'm sure that Canon did not have this sort of thing in mind when they created Digital Rebels, but in my defence, I do occasionally take decent photos with some artisic merit.