Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's snowing again

IMG_4717_1I'm too lazy to go into my template to figure out exactly why italics turn purple.

Oddly enough, I ran into Kathy today and since my tutorial was cancelled, I ended up spending some time with her and her friends from class. Apparently they have a prof that teaches the history of science and he is sufficiently goregeous and intelligent that they fantasize about him and want to jump his bones, so to speak.

I'm intrigued, to say the least. Will investigate and report tomorrow.

Now that I have met these people we're going to do something fun and non-school related after exams. I'm liking the sound of this. The beginning of this semester started out very promising and I ended up doing an uncharacteristically large number of social things, but that has long since dried up.

I took my camera to school with me in the hopes that the day would be as goregeous as it was yesterday, but no such luck. It's started snowing again, so taking pictures off the roof wouldn't have produced anything other than static.

I've recently come back into posession of some of my old journals and some of the content is pretty appaling, though that's really no surprise considering my age at the time they were written. Bathos and angst and isolation and crap. But still, there's some stuff that, while bad, is kind of interesting, like a rather existential poem that I wrote about bugs that die squished to your windshield, that wasn't actually about death.

I'll spare you.

Right now the ninja turtles are practicing out in the falling snow under my window. They're pretty hardcore.