Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Public relations

roof of maggie bensonIt's when they turn the camera at you and put you on the spot with something random like "was the senator bribed to change his mind about stem cell research?"

And then you say something like "The senator accepts donations from the public to finance his campaign like every other politician does. He has changed his mind about stem cell research due to the overwhelming scientific evidence released during the past two years that suggests that stem cells could provide a real human benefit."

"Do you think this looks bad?"

"No, not at all. He has researched the issue and has formed an informed opinion that further research could provide a real human benefit."

And meanwhile you're thinking why the hell is my knee shaking if you flub a line step out of the frame and ask to say it again I need to fix my hair fuck I just repeated the word 'bribe'.

I never used to be like this...

Guy sitting right beside me in class today:

Don't even think about it until you stop being absolutely utterly repulsive,
aka: stop drumming your hands on the table and cracking your knuckles
and I don't care if your name's spelled with a G or a J because I'm trying to listen to the prof.