Friday, December 08, 2006

A confession

I heard on the news today that there are some people in the States that send their kids' lost teeth to labs for stem cell research instead of leaving them for the tooth fairy to take. Rotten parents. Of all the ways to get out of getting out of giving their kids money.

I have a slight confession to make.

Once upon a time when my sister was 7ish she lost a tooth and forgot to say anything about it to anyone. I only heard about it in the morning when she was upset that the tooth fairy had missed our house. I told her that the tooth fairy was really busy and that lots of kids must have lost their teeth on the same day.

That night while she was sleeping, I stole the tooth and dumped the contents of my piggy bank on her bed. The tooth fairy in our house never left less than three dollars, but seems to me he/she was particularly generous that night.