Saturday, December 30, 2006

Parents' anniversary


It is my parents' anniversary today so I have a feeling I'll be out and about and not really blogging much. For the ammount that they spent on their wedding, they've got it down to just over 50 cents a year. Not bad, not bad.

Mom wants to go see the Polar Express in 3D at the IMAX and she calls the shots around here so we're going. I'll probably even have fun. We're going to the Water Street Cafe afterwards and I will most likely have the fish of the day, because it's always a surprise.

Seems to me I have a friend that wanted to do something with me tonight, but I won't be able to come because I'll be having dinner with my parents. She emailed me about this earlier, and I emailed back saying I couldn't come, but she probably hasn't checked her email at all. Then she'll be pissed off, which is stupid, really. I respond to people using the medium that they chose to contact me with. If you leave a message on my voicemail, I'll call you. If you email, I will email. It's not my fault if you emailed me and then don't check your email for a week.

Oh well, we'll cross this bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, I wish I could weild an xacto knife half as well as this guy does.