Sunday, December 24, 2006


IMG_4763_1So, for people who preach to each other about how religion is crap and such, we sure do Christmas in a big way. Which is to say, we don't do the Jesus thing, but we definitely do the tree and the presents. Those things never really had much to do with Jesus anyways.

My sister brought Hip Attachment over because his family does Christmas but they've never ever had a tree before. Soviet thing, I guess. I don't think he knew quite what he was getting into, really. Poor guy was quickly bored, and dropped one accidentaly, to have it explode into little shards across the floor. Thankfully not one of my favourites.

We've got 600ish ornaments, all glass, and some years they don't all fit on the tree. It's always a race to put up the best ornaments, because we all have a lot of favourites. I'll have to post pictures of my faves up here later. There are quite a few.

My mom said that the way the curtains were right now, that our big balls wouldn't fit up in the windows, but I proved her wrong. As far as I'm concerned, we absolutely have to put up the big glass balls in the window, just so we can shout out that we have the biggest balls of 'em all!