Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today was an on day

I made the long sojurn downtown through the storm to the office where I worked over the summer for a bit of a surprise visit. A well, received surprise visit, methinks, because I found that there are three people there that are actively gunning for having a position open for me whenever I so choose to take it. Never hurts. As much as I sometimes complain about working, as far as I've seen, working for the government is far better than working for anyone else.

I left them some candy and got invited to the Christmas lunch next week. Mom's special secret recipe candy works every time.

Next it was off to school, where I got some new books:

smells like learning

Smells like learning.

blue sax

My parents have been gradually filling my apartment with little knicknacks and things and I'm not sure if I find it irritating yet or not. One such thing is this neon saxophone lamp. I think I'd probably like it better if it was holy grail shaped so that I could yell insults down at people or lure in unsuspecting knights but meh. You work with what you've got.

For some reason or other, today I had the good sense to know that my parents were going to drop by without calling ahead, so I switched on that particular light (because a good 99% of the time it's turned off) and put some water in the kettle. It had just started to whistle by the time I heard my mom coming through the door. "Hi! We've come for tea!" she called as she entered the kitchen to see me already pouring the water into the pot. My dad was happy to see that the neon light was on because he thinks it's cool, I guess.

I have off days and on days.