Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Three things I learned today

owl drugs from the shoreA Uriah letter is one that contains good news, like a promotion or something that would be useful to the person whom it is commending, but at the same time, it is something that is not necessarily welcomed. Unwanted good news. Congratulations, your family just married you off, or you've ben promoted to a better job but you have to leave home tomorrow. Sometimes it's just bad news. Those sorts of letters that you would rather not know the contents of.

Youtube is accessable on government computers, at least it is in my office. Though in practice no one really bothers. I certainly don't.

Jethro Tull was actually a real guy before he ended up being a progressive rock band with a rather flamboyant flute-playing frontman. He was a British agriculturalist who is most noted for bringing the Industrial Revolution to the farm, and helping to provide the foundation for modern agriculture. He invented the seed drill and made modifications to many farm machines that are still used today.

My mom says that she's always impressed by how much I know. I'm tempted sometimes to think that she's the only one. These sorts of things only really interest me, anyways.

I'm going to be posting some older pictures that I've taken over the past year, but haven't made it to the internet yet. Who knows, maybe I'll even talk about them.