Saturday, December 02, 2006


I'm watching the Liberal leadership convention on TV right now. My mom and I had a pretty big debate this morning on the subject and she succeeded in changing my preference from Rae to Dion. As much as I like Rae because regardless of how he's labelled, he sounds like a nice, grandfatherly NDPer, I have to conceed that Ontario will never vote for him. And as much as I complain about Ontario being a big stuck up bully in federal politics, that doesn't change that that is exactly true.

So, Rae's out anyways. That's not really a surprise, as much as it kind of hurts.

So, I have to side with Stephane Dion. I don't like Ignatieff. Never have. He is clearly an intelligent man and I respect that, but he can't seem to come across as anything other than condescending and arrogant. Dion, on the other hand, I like how he's got a good, direct way of speaking. He's also well educated and it's clear that he has some vision, which I think the Liberal Party really needs right now.

Come on, someone's got to dump Harper out. Anyone.

I'm optimistic though. It's clear that all the candidates who ran represent a strong future cabinet, and a new face for the party, and it's nice to watch democracy on the TV.

As much as I like the NDP, we need a strong opposition. I'm not much of a political commentator. That's why you never hear me talk about it on my blog. That's why you won't hear much about it until I run for PM.

Got to work on my public speaking skills.