Sunday, December 31, 2006

Remember to not do your laundry. It's important.

IMG_4853_1Polar Express was indeed a good movie, just for the visuals alone. It's amazing how much more advanced the animation has become even since Toy Story, and in 3D it's pretty impressive to watch. Even if you think kid's movies are corny or you don't like Tom Hanks, the visuals are worth seeing. However, I remember liking the book a lot so there's nothing really wrong with the story, isn't there?

As far as restaurants go, the Water Street Cafe is one of my favourites. There are a lot of restaurants that I find somehow disappointing, either because the food sucks, or because the menu prices and descriptions make you expect larger portions than you get. Such things do not happen on Water Street. The food's always excellent and unlike some places, that doesn't break the bank.

I'd say the hilights were the rare ahi tuna in a sesame soy sauce, today's pasta of the day which had portabello mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and a blue cheese cream sauce and my desert, which was a flourless chocolate espresso cake with a black cherry sauce. Very rich. Almost couldn't finish it.

In spite of a nasty headache, I've been having a pretty good day.

My mom has eagerly been plotting unplugging the washer and dryer on January 1st so that no one will do any laundry on that day, because she gets weird about that sort of stuff, and though we are willing to accomodate her, some past tenants upstairs have been dumbasses who won't. However, dad did something completely unprecidented and told Zosie upstairs that mom's really superstitious and that if you do laundry on January the first she will kill.

And you know? They're good with that upstairs. You see, mom has never bothered to just tell the people that live upstairs that the world will end in fire and brimstone and Burberry if they do laundry on January 1. Instead, she just unplugs the appliances and pretends they're broken. I come by my weirdness naturally.