Saturday, December 16, 2006

Internet, you have failed me

I'm somewhat upset right now. For some reason or other, there's a certain song that I want to hear, but it's not coming on the radio and I can't remember what it's called so I can't exactly request it, can I?

I mean, I could sort of sing part of it to whoever's on right now, but every time you end up singing the lyrics to a song to radio people is when they actually put you on the air and then someone recognizes you and then that confirms how weird they think you are.

So, it's a band that has Randy Bachman in it. I can't remember which one because I get them all confused. It's the song where they say "I've been hanging around libraries, been talking about books..." and list off a whole bunch of prairie towns every chorus. It's a very Canadian song. I've searched for bits of the lyrics, and usually this would yield results but there's nothing, absolutely nothing.

Until then, I guess I have this very not-Canadian song:

One that I'm fond of nevertheless. I like the video. Don't think it's official because they left one of the verses out of the song but cool nonetheless. The Decemberists ♥