Saturday, September 22, 2007

I like

IMG_1472_1cheese that is so sharp it makes you screw your face into knots

the smell of sterile bandaids just out of the package, fresh baked bread and hydraulic oil

the hard, crunchy baked on cheese that gets stuck to the dish when you order lasagna in a restaurant

eating brussels sprouts with my fingers, picking off each leaf individually

old photographs

big mauchly dogs, preferably the dumb, drooling kind

really heavy, bulky quilts

Cowichan and curling sweaters

people with good posture

fingerless gloves

soft wool

argyle, plaid and tweed but not houndstooth

Alfred Hitchcock movies

wooden buttons, and really retro plastic buttons, preferably bakelite or similar, and the bigger the better

Hengstenberg Knax pickles

cheese that smells like feet


more cheese

but not spreadable or spray-on cheese