Friday, September 07, 2007

Time to break out the power muffins

IMG_6302_1I'm making applesauce in a pyrex measuring cup inside a microwave that's older than I am. I used to live on homemade applesauce when I was a kid because no one could make me eat that bottled crap they call "baby food". Applesauce is good with yams or strawberries or turnips mashed into it. I never peel the apples because a little bit of fibre never hurt anyone.

I'm knitting some of these because my hands get really cold in the winter when I'm taking notes at school. I'm convinced that they don't heat the buildings there. Actually, I know they don't because last year some of the pipes froze and then flooded a bunch of offices.

I'm gradually warming up to country and other music I've never particularly liked.

I'm excited about the new Beirut album that's coming out in a month, because Owen Pallett is playing on it and Mr. Pallett is awesome to the power of eighteen and not to be missed if he's playing anywhere near you. That being said, I tend to miss him when he's in town, but that's because I don't pay very good attention to who's playing and when tickets go on sale. Oh well.

I was reminded today of my quest to make better pie crust than my mother does (which isn't hard, I'm sure). I need to find a decent recipe. It's starting to get cold at night which means I can finally bake things, which is good because I have night classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays and I starve through them.

I like to make power muffins where I substitute yogurt and blended tofu for the butter/oil and load them up with brown flour, nuts, flax seeds and fruit. They're a lot more filling, I find. Good for studying.