Wednesday, September 19, 2007

People gravitate toward my awesomeness.

IMG_6317_1I'm writing a paper for a course on a topic that is similar to one that I wrote for a course last year. Same topic, different focus, different analysis, but I can use the same background information and I can use a lot of the stuff in the bibliography, so that's half the battle right there.

Some people call that plagiarism, but I say if you can squeeze two separate papers and a presentation out of one paper's worth of research that's just resourcefulness and good time management. It would be different if I was using someone else's work but I'm not. Since when is building on one's own previous research dishonest?

It's funny what a little bit of distance can do when you're evaluating your own work. I have a habit of taking everything I've previously done and ripping it to shreds for its faults. But I'm reading through the old paper and it's still not that bad. There are a few phrases here and there that I would change today, but most of it I wouldn't touch.

I have now come to the conclusion that I deserved a far better mark on it than I originally got, and if our ta had gotten the papers and marks back to us on time before exams ended I would have disputed it.

Ah well.

Apparently due to people moving and things, my apartment is now the place to be. I discovered this by accident when after an unsuccessful search for a bowling alley that will take three girls in pyjamas and crocs we kind of gravitated there because it seems to be the only place these days. I guess this means that I should clean more often.

Hanging around my apartment has the added advantage of being by far the cheapest entertainment available, as well as equipped to deal with the weird restrictive diet my friend's been on since her visit to the hospital and coincidentally, it's the best place I've found for me to crash. Secretly though, I think people just gravitate toward my awesomeness.