Friday, September 28, 2007

A study in contrast

IMG_1469Abby used to annoy me so much that I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my parents didn't send her back to the hospital where they got her.

Now I know. She was cute.

Look at her. Would you send something like that away if you suddenly found it in your house? Wouldn't you rather sit it up on top of a bucket of drywall filler in the corner of your living room?

Don't lie, I know you would too.

Coincidentally, the little sweatsuit set that she's wearing there is something my mom made for me originally. The white thing on the front is a fake fur applique that looked like a bunny. The bunny had a pink plastic eye.

The first time I wore it the kids at daycare thought the eye was funny so they poked it a lot and made me cry. I never wore it again.

Abby didn't go to daycare when she was little so she never had to brave the gauntlet of poking kids. She stayed home with my mom, wrote a master's thesis and listened to Jane Fonda workout tapes.

And people wonder why we're different.