Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just another night at the emerg


I spent a large portion of last night with a group of people in a hospital emerg waiting for a friend. She'd been in the day before but someone had discharged her and a doctor had called and told her to go back. Something about bile in the urine which can't be good.

We were sitting in the waiting room, watching bloody and limping people drag themselves in, and each time someone new arrived, we knew she was bumped. I quickly developed an itchy eye which became very red and dry. Purely psychological, I'm sure.

We read the classifieds out to each other for lack of anything better to do and the most noteable one was probably:

Free room in exchange for pet care.

So damn vague. I mean, I realize that classifieds cost money and that you have to be brief, but still. What kind of pet? What kind of care? I'm frightened just thinking about it.

But mostly it's just sitting around. People complain about the wait time at hospitals but last night it was really not that bad, especially considering the fact that it's free.

And still you wait. A family walks in with a young boy in tow and no English. A digestive thing. Possibly constipated. Kathy and I went on a Sev run just to get out of there for a moment. In all honesty, a certain crass boyfriend drives me up the fucking wall. I think talking about how much money you make is vulgar. I don't like people who are loose and irresponsible with their money. I don't think you should call your girlfriend "fatty".

And the thing that annoys me most? If you feel the need to announce to the entire room that you're about to fart, make sure it's a good one. Even I could fart better than that.

But in all of these things I wonder: do I not like him because he's really an asshole or is he just not the kind of guy I would date? Until I sort that question out in my mind, who am I to judge?