Monday, September 24, 2007



When I stand beside the busstop it takes a lot of willpower for me to resist stepping into Sikora's and buying an armfull of records. Studying makes me crave music that doesn't have drum beats or lyrics and a general lack of classical music in my collection makes me want more of it.

The problem, though, is that at first I was faced with an overwhelming selection of things that are probably good, but that I didn't know enough about to be able to choose. Now I have a much clearer concept of what sorts of things I would buy but alas, being the inherently practical person I am I have so many better things to spend money on.

Like socks. I should buy new socks.

I know I won't buy new socks until my toes start to poke out the ends though. It's only then that the holes will really start to bother me.

Humility, poverty and voluntary simplicity are such huge parts of so many big world religions, and though I'm usually one of the first people to criticize religion for being the opiate of the masses and the root of all sorts of prejudice, violence and conflict, as well as the means by which a hell of a lot of social inequality is perpetuated, I can and do appreciate the premise found in pretty much every religion that people should be good and humble.

So be aware that underneath my silk, cashmere and pashmina scarfed exterior (and goregeous hair) there exists a humble person with holy socks.