Sunday, October 14, 2007


IMG_6389_1There were lots of kinds of apples to try at the Apple Festival, but for the second year in a row they did not have Schweizer Orange apples available. I love them because they are a full on assault on your tongue. We nicknamed them sheisse orange apples because I do believe that was the first word out of my mouth after eating some.

I like apples that are sour or tart. Sweet doesn't do anything for me. I like crunchy too, and juicy. It's irritating when I bite into an apple and it's all soft and boring. I like it when they bite back.

This year was the first time in a while that it hasn't been raining so it felt like there were too many people there. It was pretty crowded.


Abby says I already took this picture two years ago.


This man was playing Steppenwolf. He is my hero. If he had had a dancing monkey to go with that music box he would have been my überhero.


We found a bookcrossing book but it's not my kind of book.