Thursday, October 25, 2007

I need one of those in-your-jacket mitten strings

IMG_6413_1Out on Hastings tonight it was chilly but not freezing. As I stood waiting for my bus, a man began to spray the leaves on the sidewalk with a hose. It was remarkably ineffective. After an hour of spraying around peoples' feet he gave up. I'm glad he did because the bottom of my right shoe is cracked and leaks, and I was running out of dry sidewalk to stand on.

Hopping off the bus, the air knifed through my clothes. I had missed my stop and the sudden change in temperature caught me off guard. I was alright though, until I had to wait to cross the street. It's a long light. I nearly froze to death waiting for it.

From then on I began to shiver quite a bit and shuffled all the way home. I soaked my hands in coolish water to warm them up because I hate the itchy, swollen feeling I get when they heat up too fast, but I had to soak them extra long because one of my fingers just refused to be any colour other than white.

I forgot my mittens today. Luckily I was wearing a cool hat. Secretly I'm waiting for someone to ask me where I got it so I can say I knit it myself.