Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Okanagan antique malls

I'm going to knit this into something for my mom. Not sure just what yet but they're her colours. It's merino wool and it was dyed by Brooke on Etsy. She's awesome and so is Etsy.

Mom had an entire antique mall in a frenzy a couple weeks ago when one of the vendors suddenly noticed the pin she had on her jacket. It isn't Sherman, but it's a very good fake and it's got Swarovski crystals in it so it shines rainbows in the sun.

It's the sort of jewelry that you see most often on old ladies that dress up nicely to eat pork pies and overcooked vegetables in the cafeteria at the Bay downtown. There's nothing wrong with that kind of jewelry. It's just that it's not all that popular with younger people.

The woman just inside the door noticed the pin and immediately labeled it a Sherman and began exclaiming over the fact that people buy that sort of stuff but they put it away and never wear it and here was a woman who obviously has taste and wears this antique jewelry on her jacket. Apparently this woman was a little bizarre, herself, and from her, the message was relayed telephone-style into all the other rooms, such that mom achieved had a sort of celebrity status by the time she had made it through the entire store.

They went to another antique store and found a book about wine that was published in 1851. It was only $20 so they bought it for my uncle. He didn't really look at it at first but then as he started to leaf through it he became increasingly more excited. It just so happened that it gave a detailed description of a region in France before the great grape blight of 1853 and some other place where a fire destroyed a specific cultivar of grapes, and that was a very, very exciting thing. He's so funny sometimes.