Sunday, October 07, 2007

Power outages delay the cooking of turkeyzilla

IMG_6327_1My camera's batteries are dead so no new pictures. So sad.

Sometimes my parents go to the movies to kill some time. Then, inevitably they'll sit through a movie that they really had no interest in actually seeing. That's how they ended up seeing Beerfest, which they thought was retarded. They've both been on holidays for the past week so that's why they saw Good Luck Chuck two days ago. Apparently it's stupid and full of gratuitus sex and breasts. That's going to get me lots of hits from google, I'm sure.

We went in search of the Cranberry Festival today, where they were giving away five metric tonnes of cranberries, but apparently it happened yesterday. Nonplussed, we walked down to the yarn store in Fort Langley only to find it both closed and empty of yarn. We stopped at an antique store, bought an inkwell, a couple pieces of signed Sherman jewellry and some gelato then we were off.

Dinner today was originally going to be turkey, because it's Thanksgiving but the power kept going on and off and by the time we remembered to pre-order our organic, free-range turkey, the only birds left over were 22lb+ turkeyzillas that need uninterrupted power to cook.

We had salmon burgers instead and at one point in time, something fell out of mom's so instead of just picking it up with her fingers, she used a fork, then went back to finishing the burger with her fingers. I pointed it out to her and dad said that she was modelling good behaviour, so that I would become more civilized. Of course, civilized people eat burgers without dirtying their hands.

Mom smirked at me and said "I suppose this is going to end up in your blog?"

I laughed.