Sunday, October 28, 2007

Get Animated!

Tyger (2006) by Guilherme Marcondes

Last night was my sister's birthday and she wanted to see a screening of a bunch of short films at Emily Carr as part of World Animation Day. Unfortunately there was no program so I'm having a hard time remembering exactly what I saw.

The first half of the screening was a selection of local films, some of which I liked and others not so much. I think the beauty of having a plot for your film is that it suggests a logical time and place to end it. When there is no plot there really should just be a time limit on things. There were a couple films that were just random stuff that dragged and dragged.

The highlights of the first half was a film (I can't remember the name) in which a man chased a homeless man through photographs of the streets of Vancouver. The animation itself was pencil-drawn. It's an idea I've had before but not something I've ever done so kudos to the people who made it because it was excellent. Stillwaters by Andrew Ford was also very well done. Oddly enough, the other one that stands out was a film called Fallen Woman, in which a naked pregnant woman develops super powers when she breaks her leg. It was... bizarre? Kind of silly? Unique. I kind of liked it for its randomness.

The second half of the screening was a selection of international films which were all very excellent. I managed to track down two of them, and I'll keep my eye out for some of the others.

Puppet (2006) by Patrick Smith