Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spam spam spam spammity spam

1) I found this video via My Goregeous Somewhere.

2) My mom grew up on fried spam sandwiches. One of her colleagues grew up on stir-fried spam and spam wontons. Spam touches us all.

3) When Grandma used to live at Chilliwack General Hospital, we used to roll her out to the restaurant around the corner. It was a crappy restaurant but her wheelchair was far too large for the wheelchair lifts on vehicles and she was too heavy to push for any great distance.

Through careful experimentation we had determined that the only thing on the menu that met our standards of edibility was the chicken quesadillas. So one day we were there with Grandma and some aunts and uncles and we put in our orders:

Abby: "I'll have the chicken quesadillas, please."
Myself: "I'll also have the quesadillas, thanks."
Mom: "I think I'll have the quesadillas as well."
My aunt: "The kwes-a-DILL-ahs look really good. I think I'll have them too."

The waitress asked her if she meant the quesadillas and she replied that yes, she wanted the kwesadillas.

Since then every time we have seen quesadillas on menus we have had a bit of a laugh at her expense. It's mean but we can't help it.

4) The previous didn't have much to do with spam, but it does relate to the movie. I feel I have to justify myself because you never know when the thematic police will strike.

5) I just spelled never with a silent k. Knever say knever, and all that. No wonder people think I'm a dork.

6) As you may recall, the Vikings loved spam.

7) Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Exactly. Next semester I should convince someone to supervise me while I do a directed studies project on spam in popular culture. It is a topic that is sadly underrepresented in academia.