Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's raining

IMG_6380_1I'm living on the top floor of a building these days and this is a new thing for me. I've always either slept in the basement or if I've been on the main floor there has always been an insulated attic between me and the roof.

No longer.

When I was little we had one bad tarping experience in Guides which was coupled with a bad tent location experience and an unusually bad rainstorm experience. The inside of our tent filled with water and our bedding sopped it up while we slept so we woke up cold and miserable.

We identified our mistakes so it would never happen again but the experience left me a little paranoid about camping in the rain. Forever after, every time I have heard raindrops on the roof of our tent, it has kept me wide awake at high alert all night. Aside from that I love camping.

That it has been raining hard for the past week is not unusual at all. It's October and this is a rainforest. But one thing is unusual for me and that is that for the first time ever I can hear the rain on the roof and I keep feeling like I should be checking for leaks in places and I've been waking up when the rain has been particularly heavy expecting to be wet.

It doesn't help that the wind yesterday blew some water underneath my balcony door so that it almost made it over the threshold.