Saturday, April 12, 2008

52/365: Vi

When we took posession of our house, the previous owners told us that it magically got free cable, that they didn't know how that happened and that we shouldn't bother asking questions about it. We didn't.

But Vi did. The moment she moved in upstairs, she contacted the cable company so that she could pay for the exact same cable package, and all of a sudden ours was disconnected.

She didn't like taking her garbage the five metres to the street so she began to fill the back yard and balcony with it instead.

She had a lot of money for things. Cable television was one of them. Magazine subscriptions was another. She had tons of money to spend on cigarettes (even though she was adamant that she was a non-smoker). She supported two adult children who were not working because they just weren't.

One thing she didn't have money four though was rent. How dare we hold her to a contract that she signed! We are such assholes.