Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're a comedy duo.

IMG_6892_1Gradually I've been cleaning up things. I kind of wanted to take some pictures of my apartment for posterity's sake. I hadn't really done it before because it was so messy, but along with cleaning I've been moving stuff out, so at this point, if I did it wouldn't look right. I won't.

I don't have many pictures of my old house either, even though I lived there for 14 years in the dark ages before digital photos. Though demolished, the house lives on as an aerial photograph in Google Earth. The picture there is more than four years old. I wonder when they'll change it.

There's a tree down the street from here that's dead and hollowed out with decay. Its grey limbs reach out horizontally, low to the ground. For almost ten years my dad has been telling me that I should take a picture of it, but it has never occurred to me to do it whenever I have had the chance. He'd remind me about it sometimes, usually with irritation at the spring growth on the shrubs nearby, or snow, or any other obstacle to picturing it in its entirety. "Next year," he'd say.

One of the tree's limbs has recently fallen off, so now I'm not sure if I want to photograph that either.

I was going somewhere with this when I wrote it down yesterday, but then I got a phone call from my mom and had to leave, and I can't quite figure out where I was going with this post. She needed me to come rescue her at a gala downtown, not so much from the gala, but from falling asleep on the drive home.

I think I'm a bad influence on her. The keynote speaker said somethng about people being posterboys and then a guy at our table said "and girls," to which I said "poster homo sapiens" and that made mom and I giggle uncontrollably. People say the two of us together are really funny.

I rather like this dress. I don't really like my photography of it.