Friday, April 25, 2008




My mom used to have a big Christmas cookie tin full of buttons and I would run my hands through them because I loved the way it sounded when the buttons shifted against each other and hit the sides of the tin.

I like the colours and shapes of them and how like all the other unused art supplies I have amassed over the years, they represent a kind of unlimited potential. They could be any number of things if I wanted them to be, and a lot of the time I'd rather just think about that than actually make something. It's a habit I should break.

This pile is the result of a bit too much lunch time shopping at Dressew, where you can get half-pound bags of buttons for 99 cents.

I'm looking through them today to see if I can find a button to finish off the skirt I've been working on. I don't want to buy any more buttons if I can help it.

I found a couple that might work, but I haven't decided yet.

trying to pick a button for my new skirt