Monday, April 28, 2008

61/365: Magistra Johrden

Magistra Johrden magistram meam in scolam erat. Multas linguas sciret et benigtatibus aestimavit. Cursus delectabant.

Magistra Johrden was my high school Latin teacher. She knows lots of languages and marked really easy. Her classes were fun.

Cambridge Latin Coursem monstravit. Caecilio, Metella, Grumio coquo amabilis, Cerberus cano legebamus.

She taught from the Cambridge Latin Course. We read about Caecilius, Metella, sexy Grumio the cook and Cerberus the dog.

Classiarius subsidiarius erat. Interdum exivit ut navem navigavisset et exercuisset. Ordo "mister" erat, et per merito emeruit.

She was in the naval reserves so sometimes she would leave to do target practice and ride around on a boat. She told us that she was in the rank "mister," something reserved for people who did not go to military college, but worked their way up the ranks instead.

Ante finem scolam decessit sed celebrationis sequit.

She left our school before we finished, but she came to our convocation to see us off.

Ehu, latinus meus malus est.

Damn my latin sucks.