Tuesday, April 22, 2008

55/365: Lisa

Lisa was my best friend in elementary school. She was half Chinese but she looked a lot like her father so you wouldn't have known it. She liked Cher, jelly shoes (those see-through plastic ballet flats) and catching ladybugs. I used to sleep over at her house quite a bit. One night over at her house I convinced her to write out a manuscript for a book in her best handwriting and then we mailed it to a reputable publishing house. We never heard back from them.

When I was in grade 5 her parents divorced and she moved away, and we lost touch because I suck at letter writing. I'm not entirely sure if we would have stayed close if she hadn't moved because she was older and would have moved on to the next school anyways. She was also starting to spend a lot of time at church and exploring the Bible away from her school friends, something that made me very uncomfortable at the time. Wouldn't as much today.

It's her birthday today. I think I'm going to be a complete facebook creep and message her. I'd kind of been considering doing it for a while now.