Thursday, April 03, 2008

Walking in the parkade again

It's a place I know fairly well because I've been there before. The old entrance has been boarded up, and beside it they're building an addition to the parkade.

Where the old and the new structures meet one of the columns is crumbling at the edge so you can see the steel rebar in some places. Someone has cut a hole in the chain link fence beside it, and bent the edges of the wire away.

I slip through and down the wall until I can enter the old side of the parkade. It's showing a lot of wear. I'm not sure how old it is but it hasn't been well maintained. The lines between the stalls are well worn. Here and there there are tags and stickers, and cracks with mineral deposits all around them from the water that's seeped through.

A group of elderly tourists are being led by two shady characters toward the stairwell. I have a bad feeling in my gut about them but I'm heading the same direction. They go up and I go down. I don't see them again.

The stairwell smells vaguely like old urine. Two storeys down I stop. I can hear someone vomiting further down and I change directions.

Then I woke up.