Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making up for sleeping in.


And it's morning again. Tonnes of things to do today.

I need to make a Dressew run to get some zippers and some other miscellaneous supplies like crochet cotton, and double pointed needles. Whether or not I will come home with these things is debatable. I tend to forget what I'm there for and then I get distracted by things like 99 cent boxes of chocolate and 99 cent bags of miscellaneous buttons.

Just think about it - you need that bag of buttons. There are almost 500 grams of buttons in there. You never know when you're going to need buttons. You don't want to get caught without them. In fact, you need two bags of buttons. You need an entire kilo of buttons, just to be safe.

This is what Dressew does to me.

The fact that Opus is opening a store just down the street from there won't make it any easier. Of course I need those camel hair brushes, and that new molskine notebook and a stack of cartridge paper to go with the stack that I already have at home. One can never have enough gold leaf or pencils.

I also need to get some clothes for work which may necessetate a trip to the mall. It's a well known fact that I hate malls. Not only is there a decided lack of stuff there that I'm actually interested in, they're always crowded and the air's always dry.

I see things there and they're not quite what I wanted to find and then I wonder whether I should get them and then I think that maybe I'll think on it because I don't know if I need it and then maybe if I come back in a week it'll still be there. Then I walk out empty handed.

That's what malls do to me.

I kind of lost steam while I was cleaning out the fridge yesterday. I pulled everything out, washed and disinfected the shelves and now it doesn't smell bad anymore, but I didn't make it to the vegetable or cheese drawers so they're sitting out on my kitchen floor right now.

And after that there are always more boxes to fill. Yay.