Saturday, November 03, 2007

And that's my day

IMG_6432_1I woke up and then I worked on papers. And then I baked some muffins and worked on papers. Then I made some cauliflower and leek soup and worked on papers. Got to take breaks here and there.

Around sixish mom called me and asked if I wanted to go for dinner. She had found the perfect place. They have authentic Swedish food. It's called Ikea.

I never got my dinner though, because about half an hour later, my sister called and said that she was stranded somewhere because my parents were stranded elsewhere with a flat tire. I ate soup instead.

My sister arrived out of nowhere to watch tv. She has some sort of inflamed thingie in her stomach/abdomen area that came from being hugged too hard or falling over, so she needs a pillow to lay on the floor.

Did I tell you a daschund tried to bite my leg off yesterday? I was walking by it and then it started growling and running after me. I outran it, but it was vicious. That's why we call them viciouses around these parts.

Or maybe only I do.