Thursday, November 22, 2007

Must recapture muse.

How do you explain this? My nail clippers were on my desk beside me and now they are not. I heard them drop off the edge on Monday and went looking for them a few hours later. I didn't find them, but I didn't worry either. I figured they'd show up when I cleaned up.

But now I've cleaned my desk, the floor surrounding it and the bookshelf beside it and there are no nail clippers to be found.

Now my fingernails are getting dangerously long, as in they're starting to look like normal person fingernails and this is beginning to irritate me. I'm going to buy a new set of clippers tomorrow, even though I know that that way I'll find the old pair right away. I just can't win.

School ends in a week. I've promised myself that I'll go forth and take interesting pictures like I used to. Like in 2005:


Chilliwack General Hospital

harbour centre


I think I'm going to mine through all my old photos on flickr and tell everyone about them. They've already been on this blog, but rarely if ever do the photos on here match the posts. Not to mention, for most of its history, not a lot of people have read this blog anyways.