Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bryter Layter


Stormy. There are a lot of power surges right now, so I'm unplugged and sans internet. I'm listening to Nick Drake's Bryter Layter - an excellent album.

When Du and I went to see Matt Good at the Centre in September, we arrived really, really early, and this was the music playing in the theatre while we waited.

At one point in time, some of the DJ's from the Fox came out to introduce the show and they seemed majorly out of touch with everything. They were talking about how he's "kicked ass" for years and that he was going to "kick ass" tonight, ignoring the fact that he shed the asshole rocker persona years ago and he's now the sensitive, wounded, bipolar, acoustic guitar playing human rights activist.

In addition to that they said that the rockin kickass music we were listening to was coming from Mr. Good's own ipod. And while I love Nick Drake, kickass? How can a sensitive, wounded, possibly suicidal acoustic guitar and flute player be kickass?

the power is now out

Not to mention, CFOX is far more likely to play something like Puddle of Mudd or Nickelback than anything remotely like Nick Drake.

The same thing happened when he had an interview with them on the air. They were completely out of touch with what he's been doing lately. But what do I know? I'm sitting here, at my computer, typing to the light of an oil lamp. At the lowest setting, my screen is too bright and it's burning my eyes so I'll be signing out now. Good night.