Thursday, November 01, 2007

Somebody once said that I do a good job of making the mundane interesting. I hope this is one of those days.



Here's the thing.

The only thing I did today that is remotely interesting is I ended up at the pub before class because it was a student union thing and I never pass up free alcohol. Because I was going to class, I didn't drink very much but what I did have went straight to my head.

I blame it on being kind of dehydrated because I probably haven't been getting enough to drink lately. I've been low on milk for a week and I'm too lazy to take an hour out of my day to walk to the store. It's not the walking, really. It's just that it's been kind of chilly out and I don't want to hold a cold jug of milk and freeze my fingers off.

And since I don't like the way the water tastes in my apartment, I drink a lot of tea so a lack of milk means a reduction in tea...

I make this way too hard for myself.

The other two reasons are that I'm still not as used to weighing less than I used to as I'd like to think, and that last night my dad arrived out of nowhere and took me out for dinner. I wasn't thinking at all when I ordered a salad and ate it. It had spinach in it, and as I've said before for some reason or other over the past year I've suddenly developed some sort of intolerance to raw spinach. Cooked is fine, but the raw stuff works like drano on me.

Needless to say I was a little out of it by the time I got to class, but not too bad, because I was also full of yam fries and that spicy mayonnaise dip stuff. Whoever invented such things is my hero.