Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Everything is always hiding in the couch.


I'm writing a paper on meta-silence and another on a Frankfurt School reading of the movie Waydowntown. I'm starting to have fun with them because I don't have anything due for more than a week. In fact, with the holiday I don't really have many classes next week either. Life is good.

Somehow I ended up staying up a lot later than I should have last night and add that to paper-related sleep deprivation from the weekend and now I'm completely dopey.

I ran down to the library to get a book today and couldn't find it on the shelf. I went back to the computer to see if maybe I'd gotten the call number wrong. I combed the shelf to see if maybe it had just been reshelved in the wrong place. I ended up back at one of the computers to check if it was signed out and it was.

Somehow I forgot to place a hold on the book which is just as well because when got home tonight, I found it in my couch. I don't know when I signed it out.

And then I wonder why people tell me I'm airheaded sometimes.

I'll try to get some sleep so I'll be able to do better than crappy pictures of my cats and talk about school.