Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ye olde waste audit.

IMG_6449_1Reasons why you should take sustainable community development at SFU:
- the people you meet are really cool
- the projects are really cool
- you get to save the world, which is also really cool

We're working on a bunch of different group projects right now. My group has been asked by facilities management to make recommendations about ways that SFU can reduce its solid waste.

We decided to do a waste audit to see what exactly we are dealing with, and I suggested that maybe we should make it a public thing. The rest of the group jumped on that so we got permission and then dumped a bunch of garbage in the middle of the convomall at SFU.

Personally I'm pretty glad that we did that because lots and lots of people approached us to ask what we were doing, or to tell us we were really cool. Who would have thought that digging through garbage could be so fun?

But now we have to find a way of convincing people to bring their own coffee mugs to school, because as you can see from the picture, there were a lot. Far too many.