Thursday, November 15, 2007



I'm up because I'm waiting for my sheets to dry. I put them in the dryer before I left for school today but they're still damp right now. I use the timer rather than the sensor thing, and obviously fourty minutes wasn't enough.

The last time I used the intelligent dry setting on my dryer, I forgot about my laundry until about four hours later, thinking that it would beep when it was done. When I finally went to check it the dryer was still running and the clothes inside were practically humming with electrical charge. Handling them made my hair stick up and I burned my fingers on the zipper on a pair of jeans. I decided it was too much hassle, so I decided to leave the load inside the dryer for a couple of hours to let it cool down. I forgot about it until a week later.

I'm not all that good at this domestic stuff sometimes. I do the cooking thing reasonably well, but for some of these other things I'm hopeless.

But now my sheets are dry and they smell good so I'm going to bed.

If I was a major television network I'd charge you a dollar to vote via text message to nominate this post for the most mundane thing I've written all year. But alas, I am not, so I'll have to think of a different get rich quick scheme.