Sunday, November 04, 2007

My other name is Tato.

November 4, 2007 043

I have been writing the paper from hell. I just keep working and working at it and it doesn't seem to get any longer or more coherent. Luckily I have good help, as you can see above.

"Steve, get out of the shower. Abby needs to use the bathroom."

"What? Gazemi needs to use the bathroom?"

"Khezemi is her Arab name. Abby needs to use the bathroom."

"Abby, he just called you Khezemi."

"That sounds like a magician name."

"Not like your warrior's name, which is Fergus."

Sometimes my mom calls me Angus. That's when she's not calling me Auswyn. This randomness is why I come home on the weekend.

My sister's starting to call herself that now. I might have to stop calling her Du.

In other news, someone took all the mp3's from my computer when I wasn't looking and is using them for tv commercials. They're all there. I'm such a trendsetter.