Sunday, November 18, 2007

Scandinavian craft fair


It's a giant dala horse!

We saw the sign last week so we had to make it down to the craft fair at the Scandinavian Cultural Centre because we'd never heard of it before and certainly had never been. The closest we've come to it is passing some Norwegians rowing a viking ship in False Creek while we were on the ferry.

I was kind of surprised at how many people were there. The place was packed and it seemed to have some interesting things for sale. Part of it was sort of like a swap meet, where they were selling old books in Swedish and other such stuff. Mom picked up a book that she thought was a cookbook, but it had words in it like Langfredag, Paskedag and names like Jurgen, Rebeka and Urban so I think it was probably more like an almanac or a calendar. My sister entered a raffle and she won, like she always does.

There were friendly ladies in bunads serving leverpostei, rice porridge and open-faced sandwiches, though no brown cheese, which is sad.

Overall, pretty entertaining.

After that we went to see the CBC Radio Orchestra play a program of Spanish music. It was the most cultural of days.