Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bring it on.

bring it on

It is tacitly understood that we are all not to eat at Hon's more than twice a week. To add variety to our Chinese food diet, there's another place that we go to where we are also regulars, and have been for some time.

About a year ago the place switched hands and though the staff didn't change, a few other things did. The staff seemed a little less enthusiastic at first, which is sad, and they changed the fortune cookies that they gave out.

The old ones used to be unwrapped. They weren't always super fresh like they are at Hon's, but they were alright. Now though, they hand out prepackaged ones wrapped in celophane that has a surprisingly long ingredient list on the outside with all those bizarre long words we know and love. They taste kind of chemically and I don't really like them.

I found one today that came home with me uneaten. I'm not sure when I got it. I opened it and found this fortune inside. I didn't eat the cookie.

The question though, is should I get all hopeful that good and exciting things are coming my way, or will the Bureau of Fortune Cookie Investigation revoke my good luck on the technicality that I didn't open the cookie after dinner?

If you are in the know, please advise.