Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No horses


"Oh my god, Ebj, did you listen to my phone message? When you hang up wait three days until you forget I called and then listen to it. It's so dumb you will wonder why we're even friends!" This is Mimi's roundabout way of declaring that she really wants to come upstairs to my apartment to crash on my couch.

If this was sometime last week I would say something to the effect of "damn straight you can hang in my apartment of awesomeness!" but it's this week and that's not my apartment anymore.

When she found out where I'm living now she invited me to go for $2 burgers with some equestrian types. She's not an equestrian type and neither am I. Apparently the new boyfriend is and she needed an ally in a room full of horse people.

It's not that I don't like horses. They're fine. It's just that they're big, unpredictable and kind of excitable. I don't feel comfortable around them and I think they know that. Given the choice between horseback riding and doing pretty much anything else, I'd just as soon not go anywhere near the horses.

But turns out that I didn't go anywhere near the horse people either because she didn't actually know where this thing was happening. "Rain check?" was the response I got. Oh well, another time.

Just as well, because I had a feeling like certain people I know would likely be or not be there, and I may or may not want to see them. Pretty vague, eh?

I spent the rest of the evening watching So You Think You Can Dance with my sister and doing a thorough investigation of the music she's been listening to lately. She thinks you should listen to Luke Doucet: