Friday, June 06, 2008

Photocopying skillz, yo

IMG_2763I have some cousins in Ontario that I've never ever met before. They're the children of my uncle Lloyd who for many years didn't have much to do with any of us because he was a fancy, cultured university professor and we just sucked. He'd come to visit my grandmother and conveniently forget to tell anyone else that he was here.

Now that he's retired though, and now that my grandparents are dead, he's had a bit of a change of heart. We're seeing him a lot more often than we ever did before, and for the first time ever, cousins I've never met are contacting us. To be fair, they're asking for donations for MS or cancer research or whatever, but still, all this interaction with family is kind of new.

They want pictures because they don't know what we all look like so I've been digging around my external hard drive looking for things. While doing that I've been running into all sorts of old photos and that's been reminding me of old posts that I had forgotten were even on this blog.

Posts like this one where I became so frustrated by my joblessness that I considered throwing out my resume and replacing it with a photoessay instead.

I think the original still stands, though I would add the above picture with the caption: carrying water jug skillz.

Oh, and also I sit on the board of directors for an international film festival and I've held three executive positions in my student union, including president. I've written grant proposals for nonprofit organizations, worked as a research assistant for my profs, edited a magazine, know lots of computer programs and I don't smell bad. Clearly that makes me unemployable.

Actually, no, the fact that I don't apply for cashier or waitress jobs makes me unemployable.

I guess that's stupid because if you wanted me to do your photocopying all day I'd totally do that. I got mad photocopying skillz.