Monday, June 02, 2008

The Cannery

Port of Vancouver at sunset

sunset over Burrard Inlet

My dad's birthday was a couple of days ago and we ended up at the Cannery, which has a nice view of the Port of Vancouver and Burrard Inlet.

Getting there is kind of a pain because it's physically inside the port and you have to go through a security checkpoint to get in. That means that your dad will ignore two sets of signage that states that visitors should use the left lane and drive right into the one that is marked "semi trucks only."

You will tell him that you're in the wrong lane and he will state that everyone is on camera as he backs up to drive into the right lane. You'll sit there with nothing happening until someone will mention that you have to buzz in. The button though is way too far away for you to reach out your window to press, because you're all sitting the farthest away from it you can possibly be while still being in the lane. Back up and try again.

After this ordeal, you can finally settle down with some wine and bread dipped in lobster infused oil.

Mom likes to tell about how she first went there in 1977 when it was right across the railway tracks from where she worked in an industrial marine supply company. Asian women with poor English used to come in to their shop front, reeking of fish to buy rubber gloves, but they only ever wanted to buy left gloves and not the pair.

Back then they used to have the most awesome silk pie, which always seems to come up with the telling of the story about the cannery women. Silk pie isn't on the menu anymore, and even though we have the official recipe for it at home, it always seems to come up.

Of course, Abby has to pull out the toy voyagers again. They want to see the sunset too.