Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Okay, I'm a slow mover. Most of my stuff is gone but there are little things lying all over the place that I still haven't accounted for.

I find that the longer I go the slower things get. Like books. Everything else is in boxes that were at least half filled according to some sort of theme or subject, but not everything fit in those boxes, thematically or otherwise. I'm left with some dregs, not a whole box worth, and I'm not entirely sure what to do with them.

Should I just box all of these things up together? I have a feeling that if I just throw everything in with everything else and label it misc. I won't see it for at least four years.

So I'm sitting here with a handbook of Canadian Parliamentary procedure, the Batman action figure we rescued from the roof, a package of drafting pencils and a lonely glass that didn't fit in with the other glasses.

I'm not getting anything done.