Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Old Mill



I love ruins. There's something really beautiful about them and the way they're slowly reclaimed so since it wasn't rainy today I took my camera out on my run.

I've posted pictures of the Old Mill before but gradually the site changes and the seasons change so it looks a little different every time I go down there. It's one of a few sawmills that used to be in the area. Others have for various reasons not fared quite as well as this one.

There are more people around these days now that it's been officially designated as a park, but even still it tends to be a little empty like all good ruins.

I've always wondered what the original floorplan was. It seems like an odd assortment of different footings and sections of foundation and concrete, of different vintages with some gaping holes where there would have been huge timbers for beams and joists. The bricks aren't much help because none of them are still standing.

I know that this was built to hold log booms and keep them from floating away:


But what about this?