Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Every time I look summer gets suckier

oi veyMy summer is quickly declining into the biggest suckiest suckdom that ever sucked.

In April I wasn't all that interested in doing anything. I'd gone five straight semesters at school - fall, spring, summer, fall, spring, worked the summer and all my holidays. I took an entire month off to vegetate and regain my sanity, which felt good.

May came with the realization that my dream of going back to my cushy well-paying government job had fallen through because of some changed HR practices, though in retrospect I kind of knew that was coming.

That in itself wasn't a horrible shock at the time because I was busy with some design work. Among other things, I laid out this magazine and I've gotten lots of kudos on it so far.

I thought about my joblessness for a while and thought that because it will be impossible to (legally and ethically and non-prostitutionally) get a summer job that pays as well as my former cushy government job of awesomeness, that it was time for me to find a job that was interesting or fulfilling or career-furthering in some way.

The former job was none of those. The people I worked with were excellent and I was treated very well. The hours I worked were flexible. It was an easy commute. It was the work that I was doing that hollowed out my brain and ate my soul.

So I go about applying for a bunch of jobs that just look cool. I get a bunch of interviews for said cool looking jobs.

At about the same time I get summoned for jury duty. I don't know at this point exactly when or how long this trial will be or if I'll actually be required to sit through it. This means that because I'm responsible and wonderful, when people ask in interviews about my availability to work I mention it.

Let me tell you that saying something to the effect of "I may or may not be available for two or more weeks during the course of this ten to twelve week long contract but I don't know which weeks" is really a turn-off to potential employers. Who knew?

Now, I know that legally they are not allowed to discriminate against me because of this, but there's no way to really prove discrimination unless I get fired from a job I already had. All I can do is suspect it and feel screwed over.

So I remain gainfully unemployed. Fucking goddamn.